The musical genius called Sound Apparel is ready to present us his latest single called Aeterna Historia, which can be translated as Eternal History. Judging just by the title, you can already expect to go on a journey of epic proportions. It’s time to step through the gates of time…

The portal opens up and adventure begins with inspiring beats, echoing vocals of the past and ethereal pads, which all dance in unison. Before you know it, the breakdown comes, and most serene sounds take over your body, while the magical flutes and guitars caress your senses. By now you feel totally dazed as maestro takes you further and further, but the best part is not here yet. The majestic classical section puts our hair on end, bringing us pure ecstasy… And then, the portal takes you to the future, powerful synths take over, everything starts shaking and building up to one powerful dropdown that explodes like a furious volcano. The earth trembles with maestro’s each new beat that he puts in front of us, and the best part is, we are here to witness this marvel of his creation from the first row.

Aeterna Historia comes in not one but four versions. The above described is the original mix, but in this rich package you will also find the uplifting mix, its radio edit and the encore mix of them all, the extended cut. It runs over 12 minutes, offering the full journey through space and time which has those furious synths in the intro and prolonged uplifting parts that are combined with the plucked instruments from the breakdown. Uplifting mix features different leads for the main dropdown and it serves as a great alternative to this already outstanding release that is bound to become a future classic.

Release date: May 11th 2015.   Record label: Pulsar Recordings   Catalogue number: PULSAR188

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