‘The End’ starts off with an emotional piano melody, but it quickly spins out of control into a dark and techy tune. And the abrupt pauses give the listener a feeling of being lost, confused: you know the song is going somewhere, but you don’t know where. Eventually, the synth rises and leads the way, giving the track a sense of direction, like a lost soul that has found its path. But just as it goes up, the synth falls back down. And the ensuing silence gets taken over by a melancholic melody that just lingers on, over the uplift and drop, continuing the feeling of being lost throughout the track. But Sound Apparel never leaves his listeners hanging. Towards the end, the synth pushes through in full force. Release at last… and calmness takes over.

Release date: August 1st 2012.   Record label: Pulsar Recordings   Catalogue number: PULSAR046

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