Victoria starts with an upbeat piano and drum instrumental, before it quickly turns dark and eerie, with psy-influenced echoing pads and percussive sounds that lead towards a heavy drop after drop and into a massive rise. Slowly, the piano comes back out from below, moving along with the overlapping synth, both eventually collapsing and leading to another drop, where the synth struggles to come back on top in this battle of sounds, moving towards a heavenly release, where the piano comes back in full force and takes the lead in the breakdown, accompanied by a full orchestra. The uplift in this tune is slow and full of tension, making the listeners hold their hearts in anticipation. But as always, Sound Apparel delivers a climax that makes the listeners open their arms and fly away with him.

Release date: June 5th 2013.   Record label: Pulsar Recordings   Catalogue number: PULSAR089

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